Explosionproof Signalling Hooter mHP11 for Zone 1+2
Explosion proof Signalling Hooter with approx. 108 dB(A) 
Application: Hazardous areas Zone 1 + 2, IP54 
II 2 G Ex emb II T5 
Housing: Polycarbonate 
Electromechanical Hooter System 
With trumpet  
AC and DC versions available 
With cable gland M20x1,5
Following variants are available: (please click for details)
FHF401020111206 Ex Hooter mHP11 115VAC (T5)
FHF401020111207 Ex Hooter mHP11 230VAC (T5)
FHF401020111210 Ex Hooter mHP11 24VDC (T5)
FHF401020111211 ExII Hooter mHP11, T5, 48VDC
FHF401020111213 Ex Hooter mHP11 115VDC (T5)
Available Downloads (additional downloads in detail area):