Explosionproof Signalling Hooter dGH21 for Zone 1+21
Explosion proof Signalling Hooter with approx. 108 dB(A) Application: Hazardous areas Zone 1 + 2, IP66 II 2 G Ex de IIC T5/T6 Housing: Glasfibre reinforced polyester (GRP) Electromechanical Hooter System Housing colour: black or red AC and DC versions available Special version with integrated telephone call relay Integrated installation box, no junction box required
Following variants are available: (please click for details)
FHF92012210 Ex Hooter dGH21 12VDC
FHF92024110 Ex Hooter dGH21 24VAC
FHF92024210 Ex Hooter dGH21 24VDC
FHF9202421013 Ex Hooter dGH21 24VDC Housing red
FHF92042110 Ex-Hooter dGH21 42VAC
FHF92048110 Ex-Hooter dGH21 48VAC
FHF92048210 Ex Hooter dGH21 48VDC
FHF92060210 Ex-Hooter dGH21 60VDC
FHF92110110 Ex Hooter dGH21 110VAC
FHF92110210 Ex Hooter dGH21 110VDC
FHF9211021013 Ex Hooter dGH 21 110 VDC Hous. red
FHF92120110 Ex Hooter dGH21 120VAC
FHF92230110 Ex Hooter dGH21 230VAC
FHF9223011000 Ex Hooter dRGH21 230VAC Telephone Relay
FHF9223011013 Ex Hooter dGH21 230VAC Housing red
FHF9224011013 Ex Hooter dGH21 240VAC Housing red
FHF9224011060 Ex Hooter dGH21 240VAC/60Hz
Available Downloads (additional downloads in detail area):