Company Policy
„protecting people“ 
Protecting people and objects 
are the purposes of FHF regarding products, activities, customers and employees. 
FHF achieves protection of customers and employees by a Quality Assurance System, which continuously considers, evaluates, implements and improves aspects of superior quality, environmental protection, health and safety. 
This quality assurance system generally supports information and training of partners, customers, suppliers and employees, who are involved in the business process and it supports the provision of resources for the required activity. 
The target and vision of FHF is to increase leading position worldwide in particular ranges of products. This can only take place within the principle: 
“Saving resources and environmental protection, in compliance with the relevant legislation of environmental protection and supporting 
health and safety of the employees”. 
A high degree of experience, responsibility and drive to innovation is necessary to be ahead of distributing our marketable products within these basic principles. 
„Protecting people“ finds its expression in the sense of quality of FHF products: 
- merchantability, reliable, first-class quality, ecology-minded 
- good value, innovative 
- optimal availability from ecology-minded development to packaging 
FHF will continue to develop and improve the principles of management and corporate strategy in its business units - signalling devices and telecommunication devices -, regarding the aspects of ecology-minded standards including efficient activities. 
The guiding principle of corporate strategy, the mission of FHF management and all employees at FHF is to be conscious in quality-standards, ecology-minded standards and user-specific activities. 
The quality assurance system of FHF will continue in practising, fostering and updating all these activities.