Explosionproof LED Light Expertline for Zone 1,2,21,22 INMETRO approval
Explosionproof LED Light for industrial use with INMETRO approval Application: Indoors and Outdoors (IP66) II 2 G Ex emb [ib] IIC T4 Gb II 2 D Ex mb IIIC T 135°C Housing: Impact resistant plastic Housing colour: black Mounting bracket made by stainless steel Different Modes adjustable Continuous, Blinking, Flashing, Rotating Continuous operation Temperature range: -40°C to +65°C Dimensions in mm: (W/H/D) 97/305/116
Following variants are available: (please click for details)
FHF2310070145 Expertline-LED 230 VAC white INMETRO
FHF2310070245 Expertline-LED 230 VAC red INMETRO
FHF2310070345 Expertline-LED 230 VAC amber INMETRO
FHF2310070445 Expertline-LED 230 VAC green INMETRO
FHF2310070545 Expertline-LED 230 VAC blue INMETRO
FHF2310130145 Expertline-LED 24VDC white INMETRO
FHF2310130245 Expertline-LED 24VDC red INMETRO
FHF2310130345 Expertline-LED 24VDC amber INMETRO
FHF2310130445 Expertline-LED 24VDC green INMETRO
FHF2310130545 Expertline-LED 24VDC blue INMETRO
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