Weatherproof Telephone FernTel 3 ZB
Analogue Telephone as an emergency phone without keypad Application: indoors and outdoors (IP65) Housing: Polycarbonate Spiral or steel armoured handset cord Receiver volume can be boosted in 2 steps Call tone approx. 95 dB(A) Different housing colours
Following variants are available: (please click for details)
FHF11234021 FernTel 3 ZB yellow w. spiral cord
FHF11235020 FernTel 3 ZB black steel arm.cord
FHF11235021 FernTel 3 ZB yellow steel arm.cord
FHF11235022 FernTel 3 ZB red steel arm.cord
FHF11235027 FernTel 3 ZB grey steel arm.cord
Available Downloads (additional downloads in detail area):