Explosionproof Telephone ExResistTel ZB GOST approved
Explosion proof robust Telephone for rough ambient conditions in hazardous areas of zone 1 + 21 (Gas, Dust) GOST approved 
Application: Indoors and outdoors (IP66) 
II 2G Ex emb [ib] IIC T6/T5  
II 2D Ex tD A21 IP66 T 80°C/T100°C  
Housing: GRP (glasfibre reinforced polyester) 
All metal parts are made by stainless steel V4A 
Without keypad 
Steel armoured handset cord
Following variants are available: (please click for details)
FHF1128610250 Ex-Telephone ResistTel ZB GOST without keypad
Available Downloads (additional downloads in detail area):