Product News
Weatherproof Telephone Signal Combination TWIN LED 
Key features 
High intensity LED technology 
Long lifespan 
Maximum volume 102dB(A) 
Available in 5 different lens colours 
Power supply 24 VDC, or 230 VAC (103 -253 VAC) 
Ingress protection IP66 
Seawater resistant aluminium housing 
Customer benefits 
High visibility under difficult conditions 
Long life technology by modern LED 
Additional power supply in 24 VDC and 115 VAC available.  
More flexible in applications 
Indoor and outdoor use in harsh environments 
Marine and Offshore use 
Same mounting size as former version 
Eaton is pleased to announce the launch of the TWIN LED telephone signal with high intensity LED technology. 
Designed to provide signals and warning in particularly noisy environments, the TWIN LED emits 
clearly recognisable visual and audible signals even in extreme conditions 
Introduced as an upgrade for the current TWIN telephone signal, the TWIN LED offers improved 
performance with a higher ring volume up to 102 db(A) and greater visibility by using high power 
LED’s where Xenon strobes have traditionally been used. 
The TWIN LED has been designed to withstand the harsh environments of marine and offshore 
use with a seawater resistant, aluminium IP66 housing. Mounting dimensions are unchanged 
from previous versions, allowing customers to easily replace old units for new. 
Sounder EV 21 Voice 
Compact Sounder for voice announcements and signalling tones for universal use in rooms or outdoors 
8 different. tone inputs (stages) 
Micro SD Memory Card 4GB 
Common tones on the memory card 
Volume: approx 108dB (A) 
For 230 V AC or 24 VDC power supply 
The Sounder EV 21 Voice is an electronic signaling device for use in indoor and outdoor. The device provides various warning tones and announcements  
prompts that are played when the supply voltage of 230 VAC or 24 VDC is switched on. 
Announcements are against warning tones clear because an announcement prompts to direct action while a warning tone must first be interpreted. 
All major tones plus some voice announcements are loaded onto a 4 GB micro SD memory card as a WAV file and can be assigned to a total of 8 signal levels.  
With any program announcements in WAV format can be produced and will be transfer to the EV21 Voice via USB interface. 
The programming of the input stages will be done via a specially software, located on the SD card and in the download area of our website 
Each signal input and each wavefile can be adjusted to an individual volume . 
Connection box with 
mounting plate type 6944 
Universal combination options 
Prepared for the combination of the following 
explosion protection devices: dSLB20, dSLB 20LED,  
Expertline, ActiveLine GH5, dEV20, BZ2/BD22 
Combinable with telephone call relay mTAR 
High-grade steel sheet metal of type 1.4301 
(AISI 304) 
Box made of glass-fibre reinforced and electrostatically 
conductive polyester, Protection class IP66 
ResistTel MB: robust and intuitive 
Our bestseller ResistTel and ExResistTel are now available as an MB version. You still have all the technical features like the keypad made by steel, just the operation is easier with three memory buttons.  
These memory buttons allow a quicker dial of numbers such as for emergency or central reception.  
These buttons can be programmed individually from each user.  
Of course the new MB version is available as a weatherproof and even as an explosion-proof version.  
Click here for all techncial details of the weather-proof version or the explosion-proof version.  
Telephone call relay is now available for the explosion-proof areas: mTAR 
mTAR is the explosion-proof version of our telephone call relay and is designed for zones 1 + 21. With this telephone call relay all our signalling units can be connected via 
dry contacts to our phones in the Ex areas.