Explosionproof Sounder dEV20 for use in zone 1 + 2, 21 + 22
Explosion-proof Sounder dEV 20 for use in hazardous areas of zone 1(gas) and zone 21(dust) Application: indoors and outdoors (IP66) II 2G Ex de IIB + H2 T6 Gb II 2D Ex tb lllC T 85°C Db Housing: seawater resistant aluminium Volume: approx. 110 dB(A) 32 signal tones, 2 stage alarm Temperature range: -55°C to +60°C Dimensions in mm: W 110 / H 243 / D 110
Following variants are available: (please click for details)
FHF21591007 Ex-Sounder dEV20 85-265VAC
FHF21591013 Ex-Sounder dEV20 24VDC
FHF22990101 Junction box with backplate
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